• More calmness & gratitude

    zero waste is beautiful

    Get back to basics, live intentionally, feel good.

    Living without waste can save money and time.

    Happiness without waste? (Psst. There's more below.)
  • Climate change is real


    Globally, 1.3 billion tonnes of trash is produced per year.

    This is estimated to double by 2025.

    The worst offenders are the United States, Australia and Canada.

    Check out The Facts!
  • Our children's futures are at risk


    Imagine no longer needing your garbage can.

    Join us in a revolutionary and fulfilling effort to pare down,

    minding our kids' futures and our greatest resource.

    What you can do
  • We're Katelin & Tara


    We're tossing our trash cans, refusing single use plastics

    and making life simpler and more beautiful.

    Let us explain how!

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10 lessons from living without a trash can for one year.

10 Lessons From Our Year Without a Trash Can.

Earth day 2016 marked the completion of our family’s first year without a trash can. As many of our readers [...]

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Zero Waste Zero Fun on childrens' birthdays

The Case For Zero Waste Birthdays

It’s March…uhhhhh, wait April (well, at least I started this blog in March) and on the west coast cherry blossoms are [...]

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What I Ate Wednesday - Zero Waste Vegan

Zero Waste Vegan - What Do I Eat?

So, what DO you eat now?  Since adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet, this is the question I receive most [...]

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Easy Zero Waste Easter Egg Dyes

Zero Waste Easter Eggs

With only a few weeks left until the Easter Bunny appears at homes around the globe, we found ourselves experimenting in [...]

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Mason Jars filled with bulk food for Zero Waste Kitchen

Our Best Ideas to Get You Started

Is it possible to live Zero Waste without sacrificing your quality of life? Is it possible to adopt Zero Waste [...]

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What if you could:
reduce your trash to 1 can or less per year?
cut your annual spending by 25% or more?
experience greater happiness, health and serenity?
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